Sunday, 11 May 2014

SOAR – A new paradigm for Parenting, Leadership, Society

I read an interesting article on SOAR vs. SWOT and felt it apt to share it with you.

This word had a magical effect on my thinking process, as it made me confront my parenting style. Was I doing SWOT of my child or was I helping her SOAR?
SOAR evokes strong images of the mighty Eagle, it so befits the magnificent bird. I then looked at SWOT. (refer the images shown below)


Between the above two acronyms, SOAR appealed to me more.  In this article, I attempt to explore the impact of SOAR on three areas - Parenting, Leadership and Society. 


It opened doors of possibilities given any situation my child faces and my role as a parent. It impacted my communication with her. It made me look the language, the words I use with her in moments of anger, irritation, tantrums. Well, many of you may tend to agree that your parenting skills are put to acid test during these moments, not to mention exams, studies, demands of a child moving into an adolescence age. Also, the bigger impact I thought it will have was on the language my child will pick up by seeing me using SOAR. The possibility of she using SOAR in her relationship, the roles she takes in society warms my heart.
I see a chain reaction by just the simple act of changing SWOT to SOAR.
Hence, this inspired writing to share with all parents who are interested in seeing their child SOAR. Everybody does. 


Of course, it does. Every leader worth their salt aspires to make a change for the better. With the current trend in economies, the pressures on the leaders are more metaphorically than what astronauts face while lifting up from the gravitation of the earth. Well, at least they are in controlled environments, our leaders are not.
The leaders of today are in a whirlwind of change, some so wild, that leaders are twisted and tossed out by the whirlwind of stakeholder expectations. Given this situation, it is only an opportunity waiting to be seized to bring about the change desired. Who among you if you were to be asked about “weaknesses” are still smiling in a candid conversation either during vision setting or during your performance appraisal?  Most of us are fast to eject out of our seat with a smart reply ““I have none”, you tell me boss”. You just added to the whirlwind. It is during this phase too that exodus of performers happen across organizations.  

Now, how about looking at your boss asking you “Hey Steven, tell me more about your aspirations and the desired results you want to see happen?” I am sure for a moment your spirits lifted and prompted you to explore the potential energies that will be uncorked within you and across the organizations. This is the SOAR effect.

Well, that brings me to the last piece, does this apply to the SOCIETY we live in? 

We are part of the same society as the child is, the organizations are. We comprise the society. We co-create the society by our actions and inactions, by our choices. Also, it is only pertinent to note that we have been conditioned to look at the weaknesses and the threats more often outside us than within us.  

As I write this, I am looking at the media news, listening to the discussions at the coffee tables, meeting interesting people who are interesting until they start complaining about how the local corporations do not work, until my colleagues starts bitching about the screw-up the guy occupying the corner office is doing by unfolding the strategies to spurt the organization to growth. In fact, some of us including me have gossiped about how we can run the organization/society better.
Well, let’s attempt then to SOAR each other to raise the society to the desired results we want to see and live.
It is only apt to conclude ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi
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